What is CampusDirector?

CampusDirector, TechniPhi’s online recruitment tool for structured Panhellenic and IFC recruitment, is effortless, automated and guaranteed to make recruitment successful on your campus. Feel free to start the oohing and ahhing on how easy it can be to help your council, chapters and PNMs navigate formal recruitment. CampusDirector offers everything you need to manage recruitment from one easy platform. It’s also the easiest, most affordable online recruitment solution available. Let our team of recruitment experts help you make an effortless switch to CampusDirector for your next formal recruitment!

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Trusted Technology

CampusDirector is leading the industry in online structured recruitment with over 300 campus accounts. The technology integrates seamlessly with TechniPhi’s membership selection software MyVote and ChapterBuilder, TechniPhi’s year-round recruitment management software.

CampusDirector Capabilities

Streamlined Recruiting
Complete all your recruiting tasks, registration, invitations, priorities, shielding, bid matching, and more in record time.
Completely Secure
Set your worries aside. CampusDirector ensures confidential information stays that way - plus all data is backed up so none of your work is ever lost.
Total Accessibility
Manage Recruitment from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you’re on campus, at home, or on the go, CampusDirector is always easy to access.
Custom Integration
CampusDirector can integrate with your college or university’s single sign-on platform or student information for effortless release and transfer of information on PNMs.
Easy To Use
New design, simplified controls, clean navigation, shared admin rights, email, and automated processes make recruitment management easier than ever for everyone involved.
Expert Support
Recruitment experts are on hand 24/7 during recruitment with specialized in-person or webinar training and support. No matter what your questions or unique needs are, we can help.

Introducing, the PNMCOMPANION App

Say goodbye to hours in a computer lab and hello to a new way to enter PNM selections. Save time and eliminate error during selections within the formal recruitment process with our newest, seamless, and secure app.

PNMCOMPANION is an iOS recruitment tool that allows PNMs to easily manage their recruitment selections, schedules and messages by connecting with CampusDirector, your council recruitment technology.

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