What is CampusDirector?

Formal recruitment is one of the most important responsibilities of your Council. We'll help make it a great experience for everyone! CampusDirector is designed to help you manage your entire formal recruitment process including registration, open house scheduling, bid matching, billing, and more. Our support team is on call for you 24/7 during recruitment. Over 100 campuses -- large and small -- trust CampusDirector. Let us show you why CampusDirector is the fastest growing formal recruitment technology on the market.

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Here's what our customers are saying.

CampusDirector and its staff are a vital piece to our successful formal recruitment program at Virginia Tech. They work with us on student and advisor training and are available day or night with great customer service.
- Adam Cantley

Virginia Tech

I am so thankful that CampusDirector gave us many tools, brought efficiency to our process, but never let the technology get in the way of the recruitment experience. I would strongly recommend CampusDirector... one of the best investments I've ever made!
- Gina Vance


We have over 900 students who register for recruitment each year. CampusDirector gives us the flexibility to successfully manage all the personal data of each pnm... [and] the people behind CampusDirector listen to us! We are not just a client. They take our feedback seriously and make adjustments to their program based on what our experience is. We will never switch to any other computer based management program. CampusDirector is the best!
- Lara Klinkner

Arizona State

Here's what we help you do.

Collect information about your potential new members.
Coordinate events between chapters and potential new members.
Input preferences and determine the best fit for each chapter/PNM.
Payment Processing
Accept registration payments as deposit into your bank account.
Send emails to your chapters and potential new members.
24/7 customer support at your service!

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